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Video Transcripts

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idd logo for video transcripts north american medical website  Video Transcript from Doctor Eric Kaplan and Doctor Richard Lohr as they discuss why the Accu-SPINA is the “best table on the market.”

Spinal Decompression Masters Class for Doctors featuring Dr. Eric Kaplin and Dr. Richard Lohr where they discuss why they consider the Accu-SPINA the best table on the market for spinal decompression. Dr. Lohr also has DRX 9000 tables, but in his own words, the Accu-SPINA is THE BEST TABLE on the market. Dr. Kaplan agrees and directly mentions studies that support the results from decompression on the Accu-SPINA. Studies authored by one of the creators of the Accu-SPINA creators, Dr. Norman Shealy. (Note: Despite publications to the contrary, Dr. Shealy has not authored any study involving the DRX 9000.) Reproduced content from the video. Hi I’m Dr Kaplan here at the master class in Decatur, Illinois and now we’re talking a little bit about decompression. You know there is a difference between traction and decompression and well you know what there’s a lot of studies and there’s a lot of tables. You know one of the things that we do is teach the masters of decompression. Here is Dr Richard Lohr. Why Dr Richard Lohr.? Richard went from one table now he has 12 tables. But he has the best of the best. As you look around, you can see we’re now here by the table, the Accu-SPINA. Why the Accu-SPINA? Because the Accu-SPINA was one of the tables that that Dr Norman Shealy did research on. There’s a Shealy Bergmeyer study, there’s the Shealy Leroy study which shows the power of a fixed tower and how a fixed tower helps you isolate the segment. Why? Because Dr. Dyer and Dr. Shealy and North American Medical spent millions of dollars creating research. Here I am with Richard Lohr. Now, Rich you’re probably one of the most experienced people in the United States of America. You moved into the world of decompression. Tell me about why decompression, results, and why the equipment – because you’ve spent top dollar. There are no traction tables here, that we would say. Yes talk to us about that. (Dr. Lohr speaking) My first choice is the Accu-SPINA and because it’s the best table on the market. I think if you want the best results you’ve got to get the best table. That’s what you’ve (nodding toward Dr Kaplan) already told me.
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idd logo for video transcripts dr review idd therapy  Testimonial Transcript from Dr. Steven Morganstern, 100% authentic, UNPAID testimonial about IDD Therapy

I’m Dr. Stephen Morgenstern a urologist having practiced urology in Atlanta for now going on 40 years. I’m not being paid for this video nor do I have any interest in the business of the IDD clinic. Now that I have given you a disclaimer I will tell you my experience with IDD. In 2007 I was injured on a racquetball court and couldn’t get off due to severe pain. I was advised to have surgery. I underwent epidurals, multiple epidurals, and still had pain. My MRI showed severe disc disease from L3 to s1. Bulging discs with significant impingement on the nerves which was causing my pain. Surgery was recommended, and then recommended again. I wanted to avoid surgery. I was then introduced to the oscillating therapy of IDD. The moment that I started IDD my pain started diminishing. This is now 2019. I have not had surgery. I am out of pain and I owe the success of my treatment and my time enjoying pain-free life to IDD. I also refer my patients for this therapy. I believe in it. I know it works. it’s worked on my body and it will work on yours.
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idd logo for video transcripts chiropractor review accuspina is best  Video Transcript of  Steven Thain, Chirporactic Physician. His testimonial states “Accu-SPINA is the best” for nonsurgical spinal decompression

I have several tables in my office. I do have the Accuspina, I have a couple of those Accu-Spina devices. I will tell you that it’s the device that I absolutely do prefer. Not that the other ones aren’t good, but I’ll tell you what, in my opinion, it is the best.  It gives you so much flexibility so much variability and different things you can do to address each patient as an individuall which they all are.  So I highly highly recommend the Accu-SPINA.