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Image of spine as background for study title An Evaluative Study of Patient-Based Outcomes Due to IntraDisc Nutrosis Treatment on the Accu-SPINA® System

Study of Patient Outcomes with Treatment on the Accu-SPINA® System

Full Title: An Evaluative Study of Patient-Based Outcomes with Treatment on the Accu-SPINA® System
Author: Manella, D.C
Affiliation: Logan University
Type: Independent Study

Opening: The treatment under evaluation in this study is called IntraDiscNutrosis® (a program including IDD Therapy® using the Accu-SPINA® system), a non-surgical therapeutic intervention for patients with bulging, herniated, degenerative discs and other discogenic disorders. These conditions result in substantial back and/or neck pain, radiculopathies and extremity pain and/or numbness, along with associated disabilities and functional limitations. What distinguishes this treatment from other forms of treatment (e.g., physical therapy, surgery, chiropractic, epidural injections, pain management, exercise, stretching, yoga, Pilates, weight loss, etc.) is that (a) it non-invasively and specifically treats the disc directly, and the associated pain indirectly; (b) it treats the problem of why the disc is dying, instead of treating the conditions or symptoms that manifest from a dying disc; …

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