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Recognition award - best in safety for 20 years north american medical corporation

In Recognition:  Over Twenty Years of Excellence

North American Medical treatment systems have been subjected to third-party laboratory safety and performance testing.  Because of its ISO 14386 certification and UL testing, as well as its superior technology and treatment, Accu-Spina® System sales continue to rise.

For more than 20 years, the Accu-Spina® System has been ISO Quality Certified, indicating that consistency, safety, and quality control have always been a top focus in our product development process.

In its more than 20 years of medical device manufacturing, the Accu-Spina® System has had NO adverse events, an extraordinary record unmatched by any rival, according to a comprehensive examination of spinal decompression devices with the FDA.

The Accu-Spina® System has undergone extensive independent testing to guarantee that it meets or exceeds all applicable healthcare device safety regulations, reduces risk, and gives worldwide markets confidence in this device.

The Accu-Spina® is without a doubt the safest spinal decompression device available – PERIOD.

Arrows overlapping for Enduring Nam management team


North American Medical has been in operation for over 21 years, with the same management team in charge.

Quality sticker for idd therapy and accuspina best safety record


Our organization is committed to what we believe in, as seen by our flawless ISO record and zero FDA MAUDE reports.

icon in circle with others for universities affiliated with the Accu Spina and IDD Therapy


The Accu-Spina® can be found in some of the country’s and world’s most prestigious universities and teaching hospitals.

The Accu-Spina® System is the First Choice of the World’s Leading Institutions

 With over a million successful treatments performed by thousands of doctors, chiropractors, teaching hospitals, and institutions around the world, it’s clear that the Accu-Spina® System, with its patented Oscillating Logarithmic Curve ™, is the industry leader in non-surgical spinal decompression technology. North American Medical Corporation is proud that our ground-breaking Accu-Spina® is being used by renowned partners all over the world.

idd therapy and accu spina on display at the surgical museum

With studies now demonstrating up to 92 percent success rates, the International Exhibition of Surgical Science has honored our flagship product with a miniature Accu-SPINA® System on the museum floor for its contribution to “Alleviating Suffering in the Human Condition.”