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Doctors’ Experience with IDD Therapy® Treatment on the Accu-SPINA® System

“It’s the best table on the market.”

~Dr. Richard Lohr

I had IDD Therapy® instead of surgery.  It works.

~Dr. Steven Morganstern

“It’s the best table on the market.”

~Dr. Richard Lohr

Spinal Decompression Master Class by Dr. Eric Kaplan, Founder of Disc Centers of America and Co-Chairman of the International Advisory Board of Spinal Decompression, and Dr. Richard Lohr.
(Read information & reproduced transcription from the video here.)

I had IDD Therapy® instead of surgery.  It works.

~Dr. Steven Morganstern

UNPAID TESTIMONIAL.  An injury in 2007 led Dr. Morganstern on that all-too-familiar search for a way to stop the pain. Like many others, he tried epidural injections and was advised to undergo surgery.
(Read information & reproduced transcription from the video here.)

Our experience treating patients using IDD Therapy on the Accu-SPINA compared to results with other manufacturer’s spinal decompression tables.

~Dr. Mark Losagio & Milan Losagio

Why Should You Choose North American Medical?

…People are specifically calling and looking for IDD Therapy!  I wanted to inform your marketing team at North American Medical of the success in generating demand and awareness for IDD Therapy, so great job!

IDD Therapy Logo for Dr Shelly Recer Testimonial  Dr. Paul Hodgson D.C.

New Wave Stress and Pain Relief, Tennessee, US

I recently began treating a 60-year-old female because the previous chiropractor was unable to help her and recommended, that she come to me to try IDD Therapy. The patient had trouble walking and performing daily activities due to the foot drop, tingling down her leg, and loss of balance.  After just a couple of sessions on the Accu-SPINA® System, she noticed a substantial difference. Upon completion of her therapy, the patient is pain-free and back to performing her daily activities, including gardening several hours at a time. IDD Therapy® has already made a big difference in my patients’ lives, and in my practice.

As a doctor newer to IDD Therapy® treatment, I cannot tell you how helpful and supportive North American Medical and its staff have been. I have had several unique cases already, and if someone from the factory could not directly answer my question, they have the resources to communicate with other professionals or doctors to get me the answers I needed to be successful. Having the manufacturer stand behind the product and guide me, clinically, as a new user has been invaluable. I can highly recommend North American Medical Corporation and their product the Accu-SPINA® System.

IDD Therapy Logo for Dr Shelly Recer Testimonial  Dr. Shelley Recer D.C.

I have strong feelings about the products that North American Medical produces and in particular my use of the Accu-SPINA tables as well as the IDD Therapy programming on those tables. I have a total of 8 devices manufactured by North American Medical that date back to prior to the development of the IDD Therapy and have helped literally thousands of patients avoid lives with chronic back pain and also avoid potentially debilitating back surgeries. 

I have no doubt that there is no other equipment in the market place that approaches the quailty of the equipment that North American Medical produces, nor is there any other equipment on the market that can approach the results we have had with my patients over the last 20 years.

IDD Therapy Logo for Dr. Richard E. Busch III Testimonial  Dr. Richard E. Busch III

Busch Chiropractic, Indiana, US

Why Choose the Accu-SPINA® System with IDD Therapy® Treatment?

My name is Dr. Reza, and I have been practicing chiropractic for 20 years in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  I started utilizing spinal decompression therapy in my office 15-years ago.

About nine years ago, I came across North American Medical which are the leading manufacturers of the Accu-SPINA® System.  I must say, the products they manufacture are state-of-the-art with the latest technology which NO other spinal decompression manufactures have. Their  machines are researched-based, FDA cleared, and best of all, are the most reliable decompression devices you can get your hands on.  I started with one device; the results were so amazing I had to purchase another one. Their staff is very helpful and very knowledgeable. 

If you are looking to buy a spinal decompression machine and adding it to your practice without headaches and great results, look no further.

IDD Therapy Logo for  Dr. Reza Nikpour Testimonial  Dr. Reza Nikpour

Optimum Chiropractic & Health Center, Virginia, US

I’ve owned a Chattanooga® traction table for years. I’ve also performed IDD Therapy® on the Accu-SPINA® System for years. 

As someone with long-tern experience on both tables, I can tell you that there is no comparison – the outcomes are far better on the Accu-SPINA. The differences between primitive traction as performed on the Chattanooga and IDD Therapy on the Accu-SPINA are tremendous. I’ve had patients who wanted to quit therapy after traction on the Chattanooga. So, what did I do? I fixed them on the Accu-SPINA.

IDD Therapy Logo for Dr. Jamal Bahuur Testimonial  Dr. Jamal Bahuur

Buckeye Medical Center, Georgia, US

Doctors Talk about Business Growth with an Accu-SPINA® System

Since we purchased computer-directed spinal rehab equipment, we have doubled our practice every year for the last three years. We currently attract 35-45 new patients every month who come in for treatment five days a week for the first six weeks. They also give us many unsolicited referrals. Plus, for the first time ever, our advertising works and other medical professionals are sending us new patients!

IDD Therapy Logo for Peter Ferraro Doctor Testimonial  Dr. Peter Ferraro

Ferraro Spine & Rehabilitation, PC, New Jersey, US

Non-surgical spinal decompression doubled my Practice in three months utilizing the Accu-Spina. 

I went from zero tables to two Accu-SPINA’s in just over three months.  The results my patients are receiving are amazing and we are helping them take back their quality of life.  I do not think this would have been possible without using the Accu-SPINA and North American Medical, specifically Larry Rubin.  Larry and North American Medical are so easy to work with and they want to help you succeed. 

I highly recommend the Accu-SPINA, North American Medical, & Larry Rubin.  

IDD Therapy Logo for Gary Biggs, Chiropractor,Testimonial  Gary Biggs, DC,

Macon Disc Center, Georgia, US

Patient Outcomes Are Better with IDD Therapy® Treatment

The mechanisms of IDD Therapy share many of the same objectives of osteopathy, including joint articulation and mobilization. While the Accu-SPINA does not replicate what I can do with manual therapy techniques, neither can I replicate with my hands what the mechanical application of IDD Therapy can achieve. IDD Therapy simply gives us a tool to help achieve more for our patients.

IDD Therapy is an exciting development in spine care. It gives my team and I a treatment tool which offers greater treatment capabilities for patients with disc problems in particular, without resorting to invasive treatments

IDD Therapy Logo for Nicola McLennan, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Testimonial  Nicola McLennan, DO

Nicola McLennan Osteopath & Associates, London, UK

We have also seen tremendous results with the machine so far; with several severe surgical spinal cases navigating successfully to low or zero pain and full function, this being a critical tool to those ends.

I have worked with multiple decompression tables [but] we have seen such success- quickly/easily- with the Accu-SPINA System. It’s proving to me the advantage that this equipment can give a doctor to help their patients

IDD Therapy Logo for Dr Shelly Recer Testimonial  Dr. Paul Hodgson D.C.

New Wave Stress and Pain Relief, Tennessee, US

I have been performing IDD Therapy in my clinic for over a year.  Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy is a treatment modality used to treat back pain due to several different causes.  It is extremely effective in the treatment of herniated, ruptured, or bulging discs.  Many patients undergoing this procedure have exhausted alternative treatment options.  Some patients have even undergone surgical intervention in an effort to alleviate their pain and altered lifestyle. 

The results I have been achieving with IDD therapy are phenomenal.  I have had patients come to my clinic who could barely walk due to the back pain they were experiencing.  By their last IDD Therapy treatment, these patients were able to resume their normal activities and active lifestyles

IDD Therapy Logo for Michael Mawby, MD Testimonial  Michael Mawby, MD

Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center, Michigan, US

We are seeing more and more patients at the clinic with back pain and sciatica. Most respond well to manual therapy and exercise but it has been frustrating not to have been able to help certain patients with longer term issues, particularly disc-related conditions.

Having used traction in my career over the years, the Accu-SPINA® System with IDD Therapy gives us a far more precise, yet powerful tool to treat targeted spinal segments in a way which manual therapy cannot replicate. 

The IDD Therapy® treatment program gives patients a real opportunity to resolve their back and neck problems, before they get to a stage of considering injections or surgery.

IDD Therapy Logo for Mark Webb, MCSP Physiotherapist Testimonial  Mark Webb, MCSP Physiotherapist

Broad Oaks Health Clinic, West Midlands, UK