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Why You Should Choose the Accu-SPINA® System

As a science-minded company, North American Medical (NAM) strives to market its product line based on good merits earned over decades in business.  We maintain the highest standards, including voluntarily undergoing ISO quality inspections & certification, a rigorous endeavor, and one that many manufacturers opt not to undertake.

Dr. Kern with his 3 AccuSpina decompression tables for IDD Therapy

Offering IDD Therapy® Treatment Helps Your Patients and Your Practice

With IDD Therapy, your practice could become one of the many that expands not only their patient base, but also their income potential.   It is not unusual for a doctor to add one Accu-SPINA® table initially, and then need to add additional tables to meet patient demand.

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Other Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Brands

When called upon to address competition, we tread cautiously.  Historically, the principals involved in selling other decompression devices have mired the industry with questionable tactics, deliberate misinformation, and extensive litigation.

Nearly 20 years later, it seems there is still tremendous confusion in the market place created by other device sellers regarding rights to manufacture, illegal intellectual property transfers, FDA authority, and product safety.  

Any consumer doing online searches of the other spinal decompression devices in the market may come upon adverse information and draw some negative conclusions about all decompression manufacturers.   There is much negative information out there, including websites created by former device manufacturer employees solely to slander or defame one another. 

North American Medical Corporation does not participate in this type of “marketing”.  It belies any sense of company or product ethics.  

At North American Medical Corporation, we work hard to focus our resources and intellect into making an outstanding product.    Our record speaks for itself, for example:

arrow pointing to Accu-SPINA safety record   We’re proud to point out our Accu-SPINA® safety record; never has there been a product liability or negligence complaint lodged against our device.

    arrow pointing to Accu-SPINA safety record  Our Accu-SPINA is built with multilayered safety systems that protect the patient.

      arrow pointing to Accu-SPINA patents  Strong patents have been awarded on our Accu-SPINA® System for dynamic algorithms that are exceptionally smooth and gentle during force application.  

        arrow pointing to Accu-SPINA studies  One of our more comprehensive studies was performed with data from over 500 patients scheduled for surgery.  These surgical candidates achieved 92% success rates with treatment on our device and avoided surgery altogether.  We’re exceptionally proud of that paper, an independent study at the neurosurgeons’ own expense – NAM provided no funding.

        Finally, despite the controversy created by some companies’ business practices, the market for non-invasive spinal treatment options like the Accu-SPINA® System is quickly growing.   We strongly advise conservative care practitioners to be well informed and educated in order to avoid the potential risks and pitfalls created by some manufacturers and resellers.  

        North American Medical Corporation, located in Marietta GA, is a well-respected family-owned business that has reliably served the medical industry for over twenty years.  Our commitment to this industry stems from the desire to create a legacy of helping health care providers who are on the front-lines working to help patients avoid unnecessary surgeries.  We are fortunate to have many prominent physicians and institutions contribute to NAM’s good reputation. 

        Our Commitment to Helping You Succeed

        We know that our success is tied to your success, which is why NAM has programs in place to support all certified Accu-SPINA® system owners.   On an ongoing basis, we create new marketing materials both for NAM to use at a national and international level; and to provide you with tools to promote IDD Therapy® locally.  One way in which we do this is through our IDD Therapy® Global Provider Network.

        The IDD Therapy® Global Provider Network

        In today’s fast paced world, North American Medical (NAM) recognized being able to share information quickly & effectively is a priority.   We wanted to promptly distribute important updates, website examples, and new marketing materials, as well as to help IDD Therapy® Providers start or grow their social media following & to be able to interact with other Providers.

        NAM developed a private Facebook Group to rise to the occasion  We think of it as a private club for doctors to “meet & talk” and to easily access a tool-box of marketing materials. Membership is exclusive to IDD Therapy® Providers & North American Medical staff.

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        IDD Therapy® Marketing Materials & More

        Exclusively for Providers on Our Private Portal

        Accu Spina Provider Benefits include IDD Therapy Marketing Brochures

        Professionally Designed Marketing Brochures & Videos

        As a partner in every Provider’s success, North American Medical has put together marketing materials and guides to help with your current marketing efforts.  

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        Social Media Posts

        As a member of the Global Provider Network, you will have access to our specially curated social media posts to use in your marketing & social media.  

        Benefits include free social media posts for providers to use

        Referrals to Your business

        NAM invests in Facebook advertising to grow awareness & reach prospective patients. Through comments and direct messaging, we respond to inquiries and refer patients to the nearest IDD Provider®, which could be you!

        Compendium of literature and studies of the Accu-SPINA and IDD Therapy

        Tools & Guides for Your Business

        Free guides to help with online marketing, IDD Therapy® web page content, access to our 170 page Clinical Literature Compendium, and more.

        Copies of Online Marketing Guide from North American Medical