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Cover page for study on IDD Therapy titled MRI Evidence of Nonsurgical,Mechanical Reduction,Rehvdration and Repair of theHerniated Lumbar Disc

MRI Evidence of Nonsurgical Repair of the Herniated Lumbar Disc

Full Title: MRI Evidence of Nonsurgical, Mechanical Reduction, Rehydration and Repair of the Herniated Lumbar Disc
Author: Eyerman, MD
Affiliation: Columbia Univ- N.I.H.
Presentation to: American Society of Neuroimaging

Abstract: Simple pelvic traction gives inconsistent relief to herniated lumbar disc sufferers. A new decompression table system applying fifteen 60-second tractions of just over one-half bod/ weight in twenty V-i hour sessions was reported to give good or excellent relief of sciatic and back pain in 86% of 14 patients with herniated discs and 73% of 8 with facet joint arthrosis. Herniated and degenerated lumbar discs can be shown at discography discomanometry to have elevated intradiscal pressures made even worse by sitting and standing, thus preventing proper disc nutrition. Therefore decompressing the over-pressurized disc should allow for healing and repair of disc prolapse, herniation and annulus tears. Serial MRI imaging of 20 patients treated with the decompression table shows in our study, over 90% reduction of subligamentous nucleus herniation in 10 of 14.

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