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IDD Therapy Study: Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression with physiotherapy mgmt of Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain

IDD Therapy Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Study

Full Title: Reduction in Chronic Low Back Pain Using Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy (IDDT) and Routine Physiotherapy: A Retrospective Pre-Post Study
Author: Ekediegwu, D.P.T.
Affiliation: Nnamdi Azikiwe University
Publication: Journal of Spine

Background: The plethora of treatments for Low Back Pain (LBP) has increased in recent times. Opioids, spinal injection, bed rest, skin traction and surgery have remained the common forms of treatment. However, there is less emphasis on pharmacological and surgical treatments in national clinical practice guidelines. Non-surgical Spinal Decompression (NSD) is a modern, though investigational non-surgical treatment technique for LBP. The aim of this report was to analyse the outcome of LBP using NSD technique delivered by an Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy (IDDT) device amidst other conservative treatments.

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