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Cover image of spine for Case study of IDD TherapyFor TreatmentOf PainfulLumbar Degenerative Disorders

IDD Therapy For Treatment Of Lumbar Degenerative Disorders

Full Title: IDD Therapy For Treatment Of Painful Lumbar Degenerative Disorders
Author: Schaufele, MD
Affiliation: Harvard Medical School
Type: Study

The goal of this study is to evaluate the therapeutic effect of the new medical device, which is intended to give patients with chronic low back due to degenerative causes a non-surgical treatment alternative. IDD Therapy treatment uses controlled distraction of the affected lumbar spinal segments through a motorized cable/harness system to cause the decompression effect on the disk by creating a negative pressure within the disk. This negative pressure may increase the water content and the shock-absorbing qualities of the disk, which may result in decreased low back pain. Previous studies have demonstrated that forces in excess of 26% body weight have a distraction effect on the lumbar spine. 60-80 pounds of weight result in an average vertebral distraction of 0.2 mm per lumbar spinal segment.

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