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Cover of Osteopathy Today featuring article on IDD Therapy®

Article: IDD Therapy®

Author: Lansdale, DO
Affiliation: University of Exeter
Publication: Osteopathy Today

Opening Statement: Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (or IDD) Therapy was first drawn to my attention by the late osteopath, Simon Lichtenstein and his wife, Sally Lansdale, who is also an osteopath, when I bumped into them at a BOA conference in 2009. Interested in the potential of the technology and looking for a solution to Sally’s own unresolved back problems, they had just decided to invest in an IDD machine for their practice in Leominster, Herefordshire.

Knowing them to be respected “hands on” osteopaths with over 30 years’ experience (they both qualified from the BSO in the early 80s), I was curious about their decision to invest a not inconsiderable sum in something that sounded rather like a rhythmic traction device and thought it might be helpful to other osteopaths to find out more.

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