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About North American Medical Corporation

North American Medical Corporation (NAM) was founded in 2000 by Carlos and Grace Becerra in Marietta, Georgia.  It’s a privately held corporation that designs, manufactures, and services physiotherapeutic spinal care medical equipment. As a world-class manufacturer, NAM heavily focuses on advancing the biomechanical abilities, operational capabilities, as well as its therapeutic modalities to expand the science of non-surgical spinal pain relief.

With a mindset driven toward innovation, NAM is committed to excellence and committed to the advancement of new therapies that use the body’s natural healing abilities. This continual advancement of product technologies has led North American Medical Corporation to develop the most comprehensive line of orthopedic devices offered anywhere.

Branding With Uncompromising Integrity

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NAM started with the SPINA System™ line of back pain treatment devices which received 510K clearance in July 2000.

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Then the Accu-SPINA® System introduced in January 2002 which was the first PC based controller system offered in the market place with a Windows, expandable platform.

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 Only NAM manufactures systems that qualify to administer IDD Therapy® (Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy), one of the fastest-growing back pain  intervention techniques in the US.

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 NAM provides world-class medical systems with a proven track record of performance as is evidence by over 1 million successful IDD Therapy® treatments performed world-wide by licensed clinics.

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The Scientist and Inventors of IDD Therapy® Treatment

As the science of regenerative medicine has shown, combining vision with technology opens up limitless possibilities for harnessing the healing power of the human body.

The objective began with a desire to create an innovative technology that used dynamic energy administered at particular levels and with changeable waveforms to restore spinal discs. This resolve inspired the creation of the Accu-SPINA® System to deliver IDD Therapy® treatment, which was designed and patented by Carlos Becerra, CEO of North American Medical, in collaboration with C. Norman Shealy, MD., Phd.

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The SPINA® System Line

Dr. Shealy, who is dedicated to improving people’s lives using minimal or non-invasive medical procedures collaborated with Becerra to develop the first non-surgical spinal decompression device with a high tower angle for precise disc level targeting. They also eliminated active patient demands by treating patients using body harnesses rather than handgrips on the Vax-D device, resulting in a purely passive treatment. In addition, they switched from prone to supine treatment  positioning.

This Decompression, Reduction, and Stabilization system (DRS) was first introduced in 1998 and received FDA clearance. Air bladders and knee bolsters were used in Shealy’s procedures to improve patient biomechanics and eliminate the lordotic curvature. This SPINA System™ variant, known as the DRS, used programmed chip circuitry to create pre-determined pulling cycles, hence eliminating the errors of the predicate therapy. As a result of this innovative method of decompression, the first 86 percent success rates in treating back pain with non-surgical decompression therapy were documented.